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Rachel Weitz in collaboration with Tara Lanich-LaBrie, Mandy Bishop, and Heather Porter offer 5 retreat day gatherings inspired by the plants, the folk arts, and the transformational energy of the earth-centered seasonal holidays.


Including: earth-centered ritual, plant connection, spiritual healing, divination, community counsel, ancestral arts such as: cordage making, basket weaving, sacred storytelling, and plant healing foods.

Our well and wise earth-centered ancestors followed the earth’s rhythms and seasons. It was in their blood and bones to ride the energy of the seasonal shifts and allow their body, mind, and spirit to be nourished, healed, and transformed by these seasonal markers.


Awaken what is in your blood and bones. Allow yourself to be transformed by the spirit of the changing seasons by engaging in these ancestral folk healing traditions.

In this class we will:

  • Receive nourishment, support, and healing

  • Connect with the living plants of the season

  • Engage in community ritual that attunes you to your guides of spirit and the earth’s changes

  • Experience a container of interwoven community wisdom, support, and counsel of other wise women

  • Practice the earth and spirit filled ancestral folk art of cordage and basket weaving that supports you in holding your prayers on your healing journey

  • Nourish yourself with plant inspired seasonal treats

  • Be held and transformed by the living myths and stories of the season

Retreat Flow:

Each day long retreat will begin with an opening circle and move into plant connection work facilitated by Rachel Weitz. We will connect with your spirit guides and the plant kin of which season of the wheel we are in and let those relationships guide us. Practices we will engage in are plant journeys, plant brushings and healings, and community wisdom council.


Over our lunch break we will enjoy plant inspired seasonal treats with Tara Lanich-LaBrie. Tara will be tuning into the spirit of our circle and bringing forth a truly special and beautiful treat that will support the deepening of our journey together. Tara will also be bringing us farm to table snacks from her family’s farm, Esoterra Culinary.


In the afternoon, Mandy Bishop will guide us in the ancestral practices of making cordage by weaving together plant materials to make string or rope, basket weaving with locally foraged plants, and making fire by friction. This will be a prayerful and intentional weaving that will grow with each turning of the season’s wheel. As we work with our hands, we will feel the embodiment of our spiritual work. At the end of our time, you will come away with your own basket woven with your prayers and infused by your journey.


Following our basket weaving, we will listen to living and inspirited mythical stories that connect us evermore deeply with our ancestors and the wheel of the year quarters and cross quarters. After a full day being in the magic, rest and receive these transformational stories shared by Heather Porter and see what they spark and inspire in you.


We will end with a closing circle to seal up the blessings and wisdom from the day, giving thanks for all the seen and unseen support that holds us in our sacred time together.


This circle is for:


These healing retreat circles are for women who feel called to be held in a sacred container in connection with their guides and the plants. This circle is for folks who want to deepen into their own inner wisdom through the transformational practices of these folk healing ways. Also, this group is for women who like to be in the wisdom and council of other wise women and are interested in supporting each other and lifting each other up.



Sundays 10 am - 5 pm

  • Beltane: May 5th

  • Summer Solstice: June 23rd

  • Lughnasa: August 4th

  • Fall Equinox: September 22nd

  • Samhain: October 27th

*This is a closed container series. When you sign up, you are signing up for all of the retreat days.

Weaving Round the Wheel: Beltane to Samhain

A Folk Healing Journey for Wise Women

May-October 2024

Sundays, 10am - 5pm (specific dates below)

A portion of the proceeds of this class will go to the Arapaho and Cheyenne Language program.


Class Cost


Payment Option 1: Pay it Forward: $1775 


Payment Option 2: Retreat Cost: $1525 


Payment Option 3: Reduced Cost: $1275 


*Includes materials fee, tea, snacks, and herbal treats

Please select the option on the scale that best fits with your financial situation. I trust you to choose the amount that is in integrity for you. If you are able, please consider the Pay it Forward option. It covers the cost of the retreat while also supporting someone else in the community that may need extra financial help to be able to participate. 


Payment plans for each tier of the scale are available upon request. 


There are a few less than Reduced Cost need-based spaces with priority going to BIPOC and LGBTQ participants. Please email Rachel to inquire.


To Apply:


Please send an email to Rachel at Include your

name and share a paragraph about what is calling you to this circle at this time. Also describe your relationship with your spirit guides.


*It is required to have previous experience with drum journeying and relationship with your helping spirits. If you do not have this experience and would like to join the group, reach out to Rachel at and schedule a session to learn the practice.



We gather on traditional lands of the Arapaho, Ute, and Cheyenne in what is now called the Boulder, Colorado area at a retreat center. The center is located in the foothills above Boulder, Colorado at 7,500 feet. It’s about 15 minutes up the mountain from North Boulder at Broadway and Lee Hill. This place is a true sanctuary. This home and land are intentionally tended in a living and reciprocal relationship that is palpable. Spending the day here you will feel like you are on retreat and being held in sacred space. Exact location will be given upon registration.

Email Rachel if you need to make payment plan arrangements


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About Rachel

Rachel Weitz is an Animistic Healing Artist and Somatic Soul Worker. She is a folk herbalist, mother, partner, animist, and ceremonial artist. Blending her training as a therapist, practicing embodied mysticism, and healing with plants, she helps to weave a group field that is ripe for personal and group process on the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes. Her greatest joy is to support folks to have their own direct connection to their guides of spirit, including the nature and plant spirits. Rachel has been teaching earth and spirit lead classes for over 15 years and gives thanks to her many inspiring teachers.

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About Tara

Tara Lanich-LaBrie is creator of The Medicine Circle, author of Foraged and Grown: Healing, Magical Recipes for Every Season, and a culinary herbalist that works with the land and plants to create healing and magical food.

Screen Shot 2024-01-29 at 5.21.37 PM.png

About Mandy

Mandy Bishop is a nature-based guide and founder of Old Ways Wisdom—a place where ritual art, ancestral skills, and Sacred Storywork weave together to bring us back into relationship with ourselves, the land, and the wisdom of our ancestors. Outside of guiding and teaching, Mandy fills her days with homesteading, wildcrafting medicines, weaving, tattooing gourds, making fire by friction, tanning animal hides, and adventuring in the wilderness.

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About Heather

Inspired by her Celtic ancestors who lived closely to the land, waters, and seasons, Heather lives as an animist. As a seer, storyweaver, and aspiring Celtic mystic; spirit, grace, and a deep, unyielding love of the Earth are at the heart of all her work. Heather's art tends to contemplate the myriad aspects of a sovereign life, seeking to reveal the wonders of the etheric in service of connection, reverence, and deep, honorable communion.

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