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Somatic Soul Work


Somatic Soul Work
Individual Sessions

Somatic soul work is a body-centered, trauma-informed way to grow our inner knowing and deepen relationships with ourselves, ancestors, spirit guides, the land, and the ecosystems within and around us. It is a relational remembering of what our wise ancestors once knew.

Through the connections and relationships you develop and strengthen with the seen and unseen realms, you will gain greater access to deep wells of resources, wisdom, and healing attuned specifically to your soul’s needs for wholeness and growth. As well as feed and nourish the more-than-human relationships that are part of your world.

This work is for people, healers, and practitioners already on a spiritual life path seeking further guidance and support. It can also help in integrating a vast array of life and spiritual experiences.

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  • You’re familiar with somatic work and/or on a journey of inner personal work

  • You already have some connection with your spirit allies and/or guides

  • You hold healing space for others and/or yourself

  • You’re ready to take responsibility for your own ongoing healing and evolution, within and outside of sessions, and aren’t just looking for someone else to do the healing work for you.

This work could be a good match for you if:

What a session looks like:

We begin by sharing what is present for you and naming your intentions for the session. This often includes spiritual counsel. Then, we drop our awareness deeper into sacred time and space. You are led in embodied grounding and presencing practices. We invite the wise guides and more-than-human Kin to weave the sacred container for our work. The container is held for you to begin communicating with your guides and seeing what wants to arise. Each session is unique to each person and their relationships with their guides and what their intentions are.

During this time there may be:

  •   Relationship deepening with the guides

  •   Emotional, spiritual, physical, and ancestral healing 

  •   Wisdom and perspective given 

  •   Somatic work that continues to bring you back into your body and direct experience 

  •   On an occasion there may be healing work that my guides would like to offer you through me, although most of the work is being done by you directly in relationship with your guides

We take time to feel into any integration or next steps needed and give thanks to those that supported our work as we close the session.

Image by Annie Spratt

Scheduling & Pricing

I work with clients weekly to monthly on an ongoing basis. Most sessions are somewhere between 1-2 hours, with a majority landing at the 90 minute time.

In sessions we are on spirit time, and we work until the work is done.

Currently I offer individual online sessions via Zoom. If you are interested in group classes, explore the 

Animistic Healing Arts section.

$150 / 1 hour

$225 / 1.5 hours

$300 / 2 hours

*I offer a sliding scale for folks who need it.

If this is something you need, please reach out.


Contact Rachel at 

Blurry Shadows


Mandy Bishop
Old Ways Wisdom

Rachel’s background and experience as a therapist, combined with her ability to hold strong and clear ceremonial container for work with the spirits and unseen realms - it’s this amazing combo that is unique and has been so profound in my healing.

I began my work with Rachel during a massive initiation. I was confused, scared, closed, afraid of my power. Rachel saw inside of me what I was so afraid to see in myself...I found my courage to create the life and practice that I desire, to embody my inner medicine woman and goddess...My practice is overflowing. 

Surrounded by and connected with nature and the unseen, Rachel weaves a protected container with her heart and her words that gives you the safety and permission to say the most hidden truths that live in your heart, allowing them to come forward and be heard.

Mitten Lowe
Herbalist and Medicine Woman


Heather Porter
Animisma Podcast

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