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Women’s Soul Remembering Circle


May-October 2023

In these current times it can be easy to lose sight of who we are, why we’re here, and what medicine we each carry. In support of our personal and collective development, we will gather in sacred community with our spirit guides and each other to explore our original blueprint and the gifts we are here to share.

This group will be centered around the shamanic practice of soul remembering. A soul remembering is a journey or meditation in which you are brought back to the moment before you were born to remember who you truly are and what gifts you have come to earth to share. We will begin with this potent practice and then spend the remainder of our groups integrating this experience. With the support of our spirit guides and each other we will weave a sacred circle to help us anchor into the remembering and unique expression of our inner wisdom. Through guided drum journeys, group ritual, and other earth-centered practices, we will bring our personal medicines to light and share them with each other.

This group is for women who have a connection to their spirit guides and would like to lean into their spiritual relationships and a group container to support them to more fully embody their birth right knowing and blessings.


In the group you will:

  • Practice guided meditation and drumming journeys 

  • Nurture your relationships with the more-than-human world, including your wise ancestors and the plant kin

  • Cultivate your connection with your own inner wisdom and the expression of that wisdom

  • Engage in group rituals for healing, receiving wisdom, and celebration

  • Create a group field that supports personal and group process on the emotional, spiritual and physical planes

  • Lean into a group field of collective wisdom of women to experience being deeply witnessed, reflected, and supported



May-October 2023 on Thursdays
from 6-8:30pm

We will meet the last Thursday of every month (except for August)

May 25th

June 29th

July 27th

August 24th

September 28th

October 26th

Assistant & Location

This class will be assisted by Sarah Humphrey of Moon Mama Movement ( and will be held at her healing studio in Niwot, Colorado. There will be room for 11 women to join this journey.

Class Cost



There are a few need-based reduced cost spaces with priority going to BIPOC and LGBTQ participants. Please email Rachel to inquire.

To Apply

Please send an email to Rachel at Please include your name and share a paragraph about what is calling you to this circle at this time and also describe your relationship with your spirit guides.

*It is required to have previous experience with drum journeying and relationship with your helping spirits. If you do not have this experience and would like to join the group, email Rachel and schedule a session to learn the practice.

Email Rachel if you need to make payment plan arrangements.

Somatic Soul Work

About Rachel:

Rachel Weitz is an Animistic Healing Artist and Somatic Soul Worker. She is a folk herbalist, mother, partner, animist, and ceremonial artist. Blending her training as a therapist, practicing embodied mysticism, and healing with plants, she helps to weave a group field that is ripe for personal and group process on the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes. Her greatest joy is to support folks to have their own direct connection to their guides of spirit, including the nature and plant spirits. Rachel has been teaching earth and spirit lead classes for over 10 years and gives thanks to her many inspiring teachers including Ann Drucker, Miss Beatrice Waight, Sandra Ingerman, and Zvi Ish-Shalom. 

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